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Workshops & Mentoring

Workshops & Mentoring

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Photography 101: A quick Start to Success $149

  Do you have a camera , but all those buttons and dials have your mind spining
Are you still shooting in auto mode because your camera manual seems to be written in a language that doesn’t make sense to you?

This class is designed to help you understand the basics so that you can get off of auto mode and start creating the beautiful photographs that you dreamed of.

 If you are interested in learning more about your camera functions and how to compose better photos, or take your photography to the next level, then this hands on class is for you. This online class offers information for those who just want to learn how to take good images to those looking to start a photography business. You will also be added to a  Facebook group where you will have unlimited access to be able to ask questions and post photos along with other beginner to novice  photographers. 

** Free Photography 101 Booklet Included

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Topics included:

Photographer’s toolkit: (cameras, lenses, and flash) What do you really need?
                                          And when do you need to use them?

Camera Settings: (RAW vs jpeg, auto vs manual, aperture, shutter, and program priority modes, and white balance) What are they, what do they do, and how and when do you need to use them?

Exposure: (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) Understanding the exposure triangle. What is this the most import thing in photography? What do each of these components mean? How and when do you use them?

Basic Lighting Techniques: Indoor and outdoor lighting tricks and tips

Composition: (Rule of thirds, leading lines, balancing elements, viewpoint, depth, framing, and cropping) Learn basic rules of composing a photograph. 

Why wait? Enroll in Photography 101 to get immediate online access and start shooting better photos today!!!

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